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We do not complicate, we simplify. The new approach to technology calls us to simplify systems, designs and integrations. What was achieved before with several layers of integration and over customizing can be achieved now with a much simpler solution.

CARM Consulting has provided design, productivity, software implementation and training services for the Legal, Financial and Entertainment industries since 2005.

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What we do

Cloud DMS Implementations

We are CloudFirst Document Management Gurus!

CARM believes that Cloud implementations for all legal software is the easiest, most cost efficient and safe way to run a law firm. It is also the forefront of the technology trend. The Cloud provides a cutting edge in technology for our clients and enables them to position themselves strategically for years to come.

The CARM team provides expert implementation of premier document and practice management systems such as NetDocuments and iManage. We ensure accurate and efficient setup, design, customization, best practices advice, data migration, testing, training, support and post-go-live maintenance.

Business Process Optimization Visionaries

Workflow defines the efficiency of the business

Integrating work flow with software adds a new layer of productivity that increases our clients’ profits and decreases operational overhead. We achieve that by studying each client’s unique way to produce work related output and design their Document System to support that.

CARM Consulting has been on the forefront of BPO helping organizations redesign their existing business operations to accomplish significant improvement in production. Optimized procedures bring numerous benefits: Common tasks are completed with greater efficiency, flexibility, and speed in addition to becoming more transparent and secure

New Best Practices for the New Professional. Best Practices that worked in the past do not necessarily work in the new fast paced and mobile work environment. We are visionaries and want to take our clients on that journey with us so they are prepared for the ever-changing work environment, keeping their strategic edge in technology.

Customized Training based on Day-to-Day Workflow

Dynamic, innovative training approach

Workflow based training enables Clients to see the biggest return on investment when their attorneys and staff are given the tools and training needed to ensure user adoption.

Our On-Site Education Programs are developed and customized with all staff members in mind! Our expert trainers provide support for new software rollouts, reFRESHer training, new hire onboarding, reference documentation and training Videos.


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Claudio Bonacossa
CARM Consulting CEO

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